Caricatures of all participants by the Zoom Artists

Set Up

Yes!! Invite the zoom artists to your next zoom meeting. Together with my partner Jolanda we will draw cartoons with text of your best comments made during the zoom or MS Teams party! Don’t worry, I like to be positive and that’s exactly what I want to portray with personalized drawings. Your best quotes are picked up during the meeting by Jolanda and together with your cartoon it makes for a great wall print!

Cartoon of 5 zoom participants with their quotes in text balloons drawn with collaboration graphical software

Caricatures with text in your zoom meeting.

Like I’ve mentioned I’m looking for your positive side. Drawing cartoons with text captions of quotes during a meeting can be really fun. In fact, your best comments are actually preserved for all to see. P

caricatures with quotes of all 5 participants of the online meeting
caricature of man in an zoom call with naughty sun,
Caricature drawn on zoom from a woman drinking coffee
A cartoon made in a zoom meeting of a man, zooming in his underpants and a vacuum cleaner

Everyone enjoy watching us drawing cartoons and adding quotes in your zoom meeting

As a Zoom-Artist I want to leave you with a smile on your face. The result is a shared experience with everybody having their moment of fame.

Cartoon of 2 girls are zooming drawed by the zoom artist
Zoom caricature of a man with a todo list.
Comic of angry man thinks about the zoom artist

Inclusive experience

The Zoom-Artist is creating smiles. In addition the performance and the interactions with the artist result in a shared experience. Finally all participants will have their moment of fame.

Radboud wanders, zoom artist

Radboud Wanders, Zoom Artist, makes portraits, caricatures and cartoons on digital tablets for more than 10 years. Check info about his work

Cartoon drawn in a zoom meeting from a man with thumbs up

How does it work? (Let’s get practical)

We, Jolanda and I together will be one of the participants in the meeting. Firstly, we will introduce ourselves briefly. Everybody attending the meeting will see us drawing cartoons with text on our iPads. Jolanda draws and writes the text balloons on her iPad Pro. I do the caricatures on mine. Both cartoon and captions are live for all to see (see example video). For this we are using selfmade collaboration drawing software.
Altogether, drawing and coloring a funny portrait in the zoom meeting takes about 5 to 6 minutes per person (including adding text and drawing supplementary objects!)

  • Please note that the ‘share content’ option is optional and takes more time.
  • Please note that a group cartoon is limited to 30 people

All cartoons will be sent shortly after the meeting by e-mail or can be downloaded with a personal download code. Furthermore it’s also possible to receive a copy printed on photo paper.

a good idea

Tips for better results…

Place your camera at eye level and ensure your face is well lit


The best way to contact us is now via or using the contact form below and we will be in touch as soon as possible.

I’m a member of Enprofil. This is a society of Dutch and Belgian cartoon and portrait artists.